Unless you have a kennel near a park it is hard to go on a nature walk that compares to this picture. Our kennel boarders Jennings Forest it is 20,000 plus Acres of pure peace and miles of trails.See more on Jennings forest this area is a site on the Great Florida
Birding Trail

Social environment Good dog and happy pets fun in the play yard

Social environment; is what agility pet resort has that makes us different; your pet will have a lot of company, with an abundance of fresh air, plenty of room to run and plenty of love. We offer home style dog boarding, which means more playtime and socialization than traditional kennels. If you love your pet chances are good, we will love your pet, we always reward our perfect guests with extra goodies. All dogs are allowed to socialize at their own level, good K-9 skills are promoted here.

Lazy Days

Some pets enjoy a stroll up our 1/3 mile private driveway. Walks on good weather days are an option that may be purchased for some pets talk to Jim some restrictions may apply. We are in the country on 20 acres surrounded by nature it can be breathtaking at times.Back to HOME PAGE


Please visit our dog boarding kennel located in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer a safe shelter for dogs in a clean climate controlled environment that is safe and hurricane shelter ready.