Thank you for your kind words.

Charley’s call to

Hi, Jim and Buzz

Per our conversation the other day telling you the story of Charley’s call to you, here is the story and a couple pictures to choose from for your newsletter. Enjoy! See you tomorrow, Barbara and Graham (and Charley)

My mom (95 and in a powered wheelchair) had visited before. Charley the 20-month-old Afghan hound was not always impressed with her driving skills, but curiosity had him hovering around her too close for comfort.

Well, now she had been here a long, long time and Charley was getting the idea….”She was staying”!! One day I guess he had had too much. The cat yelled at him. Barbara and Graham were after him one too many times and the wheelchair kept going round and round! Graham heard a voice in the living room – a male voice, unfamiliar:

“Hello? Hello? I’m going to hang up if you don’t tell me who this is!! Hello!!???!”

Following the voice, Graham found Barbara’s cell phone in the middle of the floor where Charley had just dropped it. He picked it up and answered the call. Charley had dialed Agility Pet Resort.

I think he was making a statement!!

Graham and Barbara Keefe




Chancellor did not want to leave Agility

I must say that I was certainly impressed when I picked my kennel
aggressive Shih Tzu, Chancellor, up from Agility. I warned Mr. Letcher that Chancellor did not take kindly to being boarded when I spoke with him on the phone. He guaranteed me that before Chancellor left the facility, they would be the best of

I picked Chancellor up about an hour ago, and I must say that Chancellor was at home with the Letchers. He seemed to not want to go home! I can now go out of town without having to worry about Chancellor’s condition because I know that he is being well taken care of as well as he’s having a great time.

The Nobles

Jacksonville Beach


Roger goes home tired and he likes to come back.

Agility Pet Resort is the best boarding facility I have found in the Jacksonville area. I searched everywhere and visited many boarding facilities all over Jacksonville and I have not found a place that will exercise my dog the way Jim does. Not only does Roger have the best time when he stays there, Jim and his son are a pleasure to deal with. They are kind to me and Roger and always helpful. I can always call for updates. I trust them with Roger which gives me peace of mind when I have to leave him and go out of town. I have seen them interact with Roger and he absolutely loves them.

The price is great, especially for the kind of service you receive. Jim and his son own it, it is not run by employees who have a shift and go home. They handle the dogs with the special care of people who take a personal interest and do it because they love it. I have personally witnessed them taking extra personal steps in caring for Roger. The accommodations are spacious, clean and

Agility Pet Resort may not be the closest facility to my home (I live by Jacksonville Beach) but I feel that it is so far superior to the other boarding facilities I have seen in Jacksonville that I gladly make the drive. Roger is a herding dog that is young and has lots of energy and cannot spend days alone, confined in a kennel. He thrives on exercise and social interaction. At Agility he gets plenty of exercise and comes home tired. Jim is really great about matching up the right dogs to play. The other places in Jacksonville just didn’t compare. I wanted a place where my dog would get mental stimulation, interaction with other dogs, get to really run and play, not sit in a kennel solitary for days until I got back. Agility Pet Resort is the only place that really does all of this. When I pick Roger up from Agility Pet Resort he always looks alert and happy, like people really spent time with him and like he got to socialize.

You can leave your dog in a place that is full of expensive fru-fru things or you can leave your dog in a place like Agility Pet Resort where dogs get what they really need. I only want the best for Roger, that’s why I take him to Agility Pet Resort.

Lucy loves Roger

Jacksonville Beach


Older dog learns new skills

We have moved our now almost 13 year old Wire Fox Terrier Bama Bear across the country and even to England- he is a Navy Brat! What a joy it has been for us to happen upon the absolutely best kennel we have ever used! Jim took an old grumpy dog who had never ever played well with other dogs and made him into a social butterfly! I always judge people by how they behave with animals and I think that Jim is just terrific. We almost feel guilty if we cancel a trip and have to cancel a boarding appt. We always feel very secure with the care and love Bear receives- and he is a very happy not so grumpy old man when we get him back.

Kudos to Zeus too for sharing his people and pasture with all the other animals!


Rebecca and Jack McGarry

Jacksonville FL


Sam and Toby too

When my vet was on vacation, I needed to find another kennel for Samantha There were many choices from the deluxe accomodations, with little gourmet treats, to the bare bones walk twice a day. I wanted her to get plenty of time outside for exercise, but the fru-fru stuff was silly and very expensive. Agility Pet Resort meets all of her needs for a reasonable price. She gets plenty of play time in a large fenced area with other dogs and toys, a comfortable sleeping area with her own bedding, feedings at times like we do at home, and I can always call to check on her. She enjoys her little vacations in the country and I enjoy mine knowing her needs are being met. Since we started using Agility Pet Resorts, I have added another dog, Toby, to my family. Since they discount for additional pets, I can still afford to take both of my dogs. I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful place for my dogs that they love!
Orange Park, FL


Thank you Agility

We have been visiting Agility for almost a year now. We wanted to thank you so much for the care and attention that you give to Maximus and Reager each time that we drop them off. They are always so excited when we arrive. As you know, our dogs need lots of attention and exercise and we know that they get it when they are at Agility. They are always so worn out when we pick them up. It is always hard to drop our dogs off, but knowing that they are in good hands makes it easier.


– Jason and Emily Medina

Jacksonville FL


dog reading paper

Jake & Emma’s Perfect Home Away from Home…..


Jake and Emma are our “kids” and six months ago we packed them up and moved to Jacksonville from Ohio. Along with the move came a lot of time away from home for us. Emma loves everyone, but worried by Jake’s anxiety and fear of kennels and new people, I set out searching for the “perfect” home away from home for them. We stumbled across Agility Pet Resort on the internet and thought it to good to be true; a place where they actually love and care for our “kids”.

Boy were we wrong…..Jake & Emma LOVE Jim. I knew if Jake loved it, then this was the place for us! When we pull in to Agility Pet Resort, the dogs are almost overwhelmed with excitement, they even forget to tell us goodbye as they run to Jim. Here they get all of the love, attention, and exercise that they need.

Agility Pet Resort is by far not the closest place to our home, but they have made it well worth the almost hour drive from our home! Plus it gives the “kids” plenty of nap time on the way home, they are always beat from all of the fun playtime that they have had!

We never could have asked for a better place…..Agility Pet Resort you are the BEST!!!!!

Amber & Lee Mears

Jacksonville, FL

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